Jarle Rosseland


Snorri Sturluson

"Written in Nynorsk, very hard going for someone who only reads Bokmaal as second language. To my surprise, a friend who reads Swedish undestands the language of the book better than I do. Swedish is apparently closer to old Norwegian than is Bokmaal. What's needed for success: a very good Nynorsk-English or Nynorsk-Bokmaal dictionary. However, the reproductions of paintings by Jarle Rosseland would make the book worthwhile even if you can't read it! The feeling of the saga era is strongly captured and protrayed in those pictures. Where to find the book: through a second bookshop in Oslo. I bought mine new in Oslo in 1993. 

According to the Vinland Saga, Snorri is also the name of the first European child born in America."

Written by Professor Joseph L. McCauley "Joseph L. McCauley" 
Jørgen Kirsebom 01.09.10 15:02