Jarle Rosseland
Tuesday, February 1, 2000



Rosseland captures the spirit of Norway. It was his publicist in New York who had told him, "you have to try to underscore the Norwegian”. 

Jarle Rosseland (b.1952), living in Oslo, is one of  Norway’s most accomplished artists, painters and sculptors. He has held over 250  exhibits in USA, Canada, Asia and Europe whereof 30 exhibits in National Museums. May 29, 1999 his sculpture "Vinland” a 20 ton stone monument was inaugurated at the Chicago Athenaeum Museum’s international sculpture park in Schaumburg, Illinois. The Museum has further commissioned two more sculptures by Mr. Rosseland to  be placed near the O’Haire airport, Illinois, and at Palm Beach, Florida. 

Rosseland has since his youth and studies of art in New York, Hayter-techniques, and his later professorship in graphics at Silvermine Guild, Conn. Now Yale University, maintained strong relations to the USA. Through the publicist Bruce White of the Original Print Collectors group, the USA was his main income as a young artist. Rosseland is one of the few artists who has further developed the linocuts, which in addition to being an art form has maintained the time-demanding craftsmanship of the woodcut. 

Today his activities as a multi-artist, working in most media spans the world. He is a guest Professor at the Silpacorne University, in Bangkok, Thailand, his paintings has been on show By the City of Paris, France, he is working on a design-project in India, and has illustrated books in Germany, France and Norway. Rosseland has designed porcelain, glass and jewellery and has had a tapestry studio in Zagreb, Croatia since 1986. 

Rosseland’s most recent exhibits in the USA has been with the Chicago Athenaeum Museum, of modern architecture and design, where he has participated in design exhibits from 96 to 1999, and now is showing prints and paintings. The Museum also commissioned his sculpture "Vinland” a major work of contemporary art to commemorate the 1.000-year anniversary of the Viking discovery of the Americas. This anniversary will be celebrated from 1999 to 2002 by the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, as well as the North American countries of Canada and The United States. The sculpture takes form of a ship – 18 giant stones quarried from Karmøy, Norway. 20 ton of stone becomes a gigantic time piece,  measuring the sun’s angle and height over the horizon and giving accurate measurements of the planets in the years 1000.  2000 and 3000. The Museum will publish a book about the sculpture, and  Mr. Rosseland’s art. Mr. Rosseland served as member of the jury for the US annual prize "Good Design” 1999. 

Rosseland also represented Norway with an exhibit at the Norwegian Christmas Celebration at Union Station, Washington DC. 98. and "The Norsk Høstfest” in Minot N. Dacota 99. 

On June 22 1999, two large oil paintings by Rosseland of The Akershus Castle and Fortress in Oslo, Norway, was inaugurated during the 700th anniversary celebration of this national edifice. The Norwegian Military Academy has commissioned the artist to depict their history of 250 years in operation with works of graphic art, one of which was the Academy’s official gift to the US President, Bill Clinton, during his visit to Oslo in November 1999. 5 motives of military history has been selected as wine labels to mark the jubilee High quality red wine from Cahors, 

France, by Comte Jean Baptiste De Monpezat and white wine from Paul Graf Von Schönborn, Germany has been introduced to the Norwegian marked. Artist Jarle Rosseland has received the year 2000 grant from The Japan Foundation for travel, study, and exhibition purpose in Japan.

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