Jarle Rosseland

Gallery Arctic Seasons

Gallery "Arctic Seasons" will be a place for experience and knowledge and a tribute to the North Norwegian landscape, the people and to our cultural history. The gallery will help to underpin the site's identity.

Unni and Asle Sørdahl, hosts in Finvåg' have known artist Jarle Rosseland and his wife Signe, since the beginning of the 1990s. Over the years we have collaborated on special customer event where Rosseland's art and culture Finvåg's carrying has been the driving forces.

Gallery "Arctic Seasons" is three graphic series by Jarle Rosseland being permanent exhibitor. Thurs illustrates Norse history Vinland suites (24 works) and Snorri Sturluson (19 works).

The third series, which has given name to the gallery - Arctic Seasons - consists of 20 works.

The gallery will, as far as possible to offer some examples from the various series.

Galleri Pingvin

Penguin Gallery (established 1985) is one of the largest and most international galleries of contemporary art in Scandinavia.

We are situated in the Oslo city centre in an old three-story building.

Art should first and foremost a mental investment. Our goal is for art purchases made in the Penguin Gallery will also be economic sense.


Selected art and graphics directly from the artist to you! Kunstsamleren.no provides a unique opportunity to ensure the work of prominent Norwegian and international contemporary artists, at prices and terms that can withstand comparison with any gallery. More and more artists choose kunstsamleren.no as their partner!

Established in June 1999 and is owned by private investors.

Galleri Athene

Galleri Athene is one the largest private galleries in Norway. 5 floors makes 500 squaremeters in Gjetergata 8 at Grev Wedels Plass i Drammen.

The gallery exhibits art of different tecniques and artists, both wellknown, established and the unknown but talented and ambitious.
Welcome to an artexperience in the heart of Drammen.

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Sun: 1200-1800
Thursday: 1200-1900


Your own gallery directly to your home.

On Kunstmarked.no you will find art by established artists and a few new up-coming artists that we have picked out. Here you can enjoy and buy art in comfort wherever you are.

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